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The authors wish to give special thanks to Reverend Edmund J. Dobbin, O.S.A., S.T.D., President of Villanova University, for his generous support and encouragement for this historical exhibit. We also want to express our gratitude to the Sesquicentennial Steering Committee and Christine A. Lysionek, M.S., Managing Director of Sesquicentennial for their understanding and assistance. We thank Mary Ann Griffin, D.A., Director of Falvey Memorial Library for her support.

Most of the materials on display in the historical exhibit are from the Villanova University Archives. Others have been donated or lent. We thank the following for their help in this endeavor:

Theodore A. Aceto, Ph.D., Director of Athletics, Villanova, 1963
Anthony A. Alfano, Director, Connelly Center, Villanova, 1974
Andrew M. Allen. NASA Astronaut, Villanova, 1977
Angelo Armenti, Jr., Ph.D., Dean, University College, Villanova, 1963
Richard D. Avil, B.S.E.E., Villanova, 1931
John J. Bahm, Villanova, 1952
Albert J. Bartolo, M.D., Villanova 1934
Peter J. Benoit, Villanova, 1962
Solomon M. Berman, Villanova, 1932
Philip H. Blaetz, Jr., Villanova, 1949
Hubert Blasi, Villanova, 1950-1951
James P. Brazel, Villanova, 1960
Salvatore Bruni, Villanova, 1940-1943
Michael S. Burke, Ph.D., Director, Honors Program
Reverend Robert M. Burke, Villanova, 1952
William S. Butler, Villanova, 1947
John J. Kane, D.D.S., Villanova, 1929
Brother Richard G. Cannuli, O.S.A, M.F.A., Department of Art and Art History, Villanova, 1973
Robert J. Casey, M.S.M.E., College of Engineering, Villanova, 1944
Domenic P. Chaipone, Villanova, 1955
Alvin M. Clay, M.B.A, Dean, Commerce and Finance, Villanova, 1951
John D. Cronin, Villanova, 1937
J. Russell Cullen, Villanova, 1919-1920
Raul Costas, Jr., M.D., Villanova, 1949
Antoinette DeGeorge, Career Planning and Placement Office
Reverend Edmund J. Dobbin, O.S.A., S.T.D., President, Villanova, 1958
William G. Driscoll, D.Sc., Villanova, 1932
James F. Dugan, Villanova, 1951
Reverend Kail C. Ellis, O.S.A., Ph.D., Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Edward A. Fanelli, Villanova, 1948
M. Louise Fitzpatrick, Ed.D., Dean, Nursing
Walter D. Forrester, Villanova, 1957
Thomas J. Furst, Villanova, 1965
Edward F. Gallagher, M.P.A.
William J. Glancey, Villanova, 1961
Robert W. Griesser, Villanova, 1946
Mary Ann Griffin, D.A., Director, Falvey Memorial Library
William D. Gross, Villanova, 1963
J.P. Jannuzzo, Villanova, 1951
F. Robert Kaiser, Esq., Villanova, 1955
Nancy S. Kilpatrick, Villanova, 1970
Michael C. Kirby, Villanova 1985
John I. Kirsch, Villanova, 1917
Joseph T. Krzyzosiak, Villanova, 1948
William P. Lemmer, Villanova, 1951
Gerald A. Lee, Villanova, 1945
Msgr. Thomas A. Luebking, Ed.D., Villanova, 1961
Robert D. Lynch, Ph.D., Dean, Engineering, Villanova, 1953
Edward J. McDevitt, Villanova, 1937
LTC Richard J. Mcdevitt, Jr., USA, Villanova, 1931
Reverend Neil J. McGettigan, O.S.A., D.Min., Villanova, 1950
James R. Mitchell, Villanova, 1965
Rose M. O'Driscoll, M.S.N., College of Nursing, Villanova, 1964
Thomas J. Plavcan, Villanova, 1973
CDR John E. Polley, USN, Villanova, 1969
Edward Redding, Villanova, 1964
Edward P. Reilly, Villanova, 1935
Reverend John E. Rotelle, O.S.A., S.T.L., Villanova, 1961
Patrick J. Romano, M.D., Villanova, 1930
George W. Ruth, Villanova, 1962
Donald E. Schmitt, Villanova, 1945
Captain Howard S. Stoddard, USN, M.S., Department of Naval Science
Paul J. Scullin, Villanova, 1931
David A. Smith, Villanova, 1954
C. Eric Storms, Villanova, 1934
Sr. Placid Vennalilvallyil, S.S.A., Ph.D., Villanova, 1967
Edward L. Wallis, Sr., Villanova, 1929
Margaret M. Ward
Larry R. Wegscheider, B.S., Controller Villanova, 1975

The following individuals offered support and assistance to the historical exhibit:

Anthony A. Alfano, M.B.A., Director of Connelly Center, Villanova University
Alice E. Bampton, M.A., Department of Art and Art History, Villanova University
Reverend John P. Betoni, O.S.A., M.A., Registrar's Office, Villanova University
Reverend George F. Burnell, O.S.A., M.A., Prior, Saint Thomas of Villanova Monastery
Reverend Donald X. Burt, O.S.A., Ph.D., Department of Philosophy, Villanova University
Mary E. J. Contosta, M.A.
Thomas L. Davies, M.A., Photographer
Carolann M. Dempsey, Graphic Services, Villanova University
Bernadette M. Dierkes, B.A., Instructional Media Services (Graphics), Villanova University
Reverend Edmund J. Dobbin, O.S.A., S.T.D., President of Villanova University
Mildred H. Downing, Ph.D.
Edward F. Gallagher, M.P.A.
Mary Ann Griffin, D.A., Director of Falvey Memorial Library, Villanova University
Reverend John J. Hagen, O.S.A., Ph.D., Augustinian Provincial, Province of Saint Thomas of Villanova
D.M. Howe, B.A., Public Relations, Villanova University
Helen K. Lafferty, Ph.D., University Vice President
Msgr. Thomas A. Luebking, Ed.D.
Christine A. Lysionek, M.S., Managing Director of Sesquicentennial, Villanova University
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. McNulty
Reverend Joseph L. Shannon, O.S.A., S.T.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Sheprow
Reverend Arthur Smith, O.S.A., M.A., Augustinian Provincial Archives
Janus L. Stefanowicz, M.A., Department of Theater, Villanova University
Reverend Paul M. Varga, O.F.M. CONV.

Historical Exhibits Committee

Reverend Dennis J. Gallagher, O.S.A., Ph.D., University Archivist; Chairperson, Sequicentennial Committee, Historical Exhibits, Connelly Center (President's Lounge And Art Gallery)
David R. Contosta, Ph.D., Department of History, Chestnut Hill College
Brother Richard G. Cannuli, O.S.A., M.F.A., Department of Art and Art History
Robert J. Casey, M.S.M.E., College of Engineering
Sally Christ, Bursar's Office
Maryanne A. Erwin, B.A., Art Gallery
Louise Green, M.S.L.S., Falvey Memorial Library
Elizabeth K. Keech, Ph.D., College of Nursing
Donald B. Kelley, Ph.D., Department of History; Chairperson, Sesquicentennial Committee Historical Exhibits and Projects
Mark Sullivan, Ph.D., Department of Art and Art History

About the Authors

David R. Contosta, Ph.D.

David R. Contosta, Ph.D. is a Professor and Chair of the History Department at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. He is also an adjunct faculty member in the History Department at Villanova University. He earned his doctorate in history from Miami University in 1973. Dr. Contosta is the author of eight books and numerous articles and reviews. These writings include biographies of Henry Adams and the Houston/Woodward familes, urban and suburban history, architecture, historic preservation, oral history, and a variety of topics in social, cultural, and intellectual history, as well as the United States in the gilded age and twentieth century.

Dr. Contosta lectures widely to both professional and popular audiences, and has served as a consultant to historical societies and museums in the greater Philadelphia area. In 1983-84 he was a Commonwealth Speaker for the Pennsylvania Humanities Council. He has held or participated in grants from the National Endowment for Humanities, the American Philosophical Society, and the Pew Foundation. In 1972-73 he was a Fulbright Fellow to France. Dr. Contosta has collaborated on Villanova's Sesquicentennial Historical Exhibit, is co-author of the exhibit catalogue, and of Ever Ancient, Ever New, a pictorial history of Villanova University. At present, he is writing a Sesquicentennial history of Villanova University. Dr. Contosta lives at Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania with his wife Mary, who teaches Spanish at Villanova University. He is also the father of four children.

Reverend Dennis J. Gallagher, O.S.A., Ph.D.

Reverend Dennis J. Gallagher, O.S.A., Ph.D., was ordained to the priesthood on 30 January 1965 at Saint Thomas of Villanova Church on the Villanova University campus. He is the Villanova University Archivist, a position which he has held since 1985. Father Gallagher earned his Ph.D. in Administration (Higher Education) from The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., in 1975. He also holds a Master's Degree in Religious Studies from Augustinian College, Washington, D.C., and a Master's Degree in Library Science from Villanova University. He received his undergraduate degree from Villanova in 1960.

Following ordination in 1965, he held teaching assignments at several Augustinian schools: Austin Preparatory School, Reading, Massachusetts; and Malvern Preparatory School, Malvern, Pennsylvania. After completing his doctorate in 1975, he was assigned to Villanova University in the Graduate School. He also serves as a Residence Hall Minister in Stanford Hall, Villanova University. In addition to his university responsibilities, Father Gallagher is involved in parish ministry. Presently, he assists at St. Catherine's and St. Margaret's Parish in Spring Lake New Jersey.

Father Gallagher was inducted into the Legion of Honor, the Chapel of the Four Chaplains in 1984 for his service to community. He is also a member of the Knights of Columbus. Father Gallagher has been actively involved in a variety of projects for Villanova's Sesquicentennial celebration. Most importantly, he is the Chairperson of the Historical Exhibits, "Villanova, College to University: 150 Years of Augustinian Tradition and Promise, 1842-1992." He is also co-author of the exhibit catalogue, and Ever Ancient, Ever New, a pictorial history of Villanova University.