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Depression Years


"Bad times, troublesome times, this is what men say. Let us live a good life, and the times are good. We are the times; we make our times."

St. Augustine
Sermon 80,8

The Great Depression of the 1930's frustrated ambitious building plans. These included a new library and a large quadrangle on the east side of campus. All would be postponed for nearly two decades. Meanwhile student enrollment fell to 700 in the fall of 1936, from a high of over 1100 just four years before. Despite hard times, Villanova students enjoyed numerous dances in the new Field House, where big bands like Dorsey brothers played regularly. The Villanova football team attracted wide attention, with two undefeated seasons in 1937 and 1938. It was also in the 1930's that Mother's Day became and annual event at Villanova. As prosperity started to return toward the end of the decade, the Villanova community began to worry about a troubled international scene and hoped that the United States could remain at peace.

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